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Sku.: GSP1026CD
Pictures at an Exhibition

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1 Windy (A. Piazzolla)
2 Tango para una Ciudad, Part 1 (A. Piazzolla)
3 Tango para una Ciudad, Part 2 (A. Piazzolla)
4 Eocacion (I. Albeniz)
5 El Puerto (I. Albeniz)
6 El Albaicin (I. Albeniz)
7 Promenade (M. Mussorgsky)
8 The Gnome (M. Mussorgsky)
9 Promenade (M. Mussorgsky)
10 The Old Castle (M. Mussorgsky)
11 Promenade (M. Mussorgsky)
12 Tuileries (M. Mussorgsky)
13 The Ox Cart (M. Mussorgsky)
14 Promenade (M. Mussorgsky)
15 The Ballet of Unhatched Chicks (M. Mussorgsky)
16 Two Polish Jews... (M. Mussorgsky)
17 Promenade (M. Mussorgsky)
18 The Marketplace (M. Mussorgsky)
19 The Catacombs of Paris (M. Mussorgsky)
20 With the Dead in a Dead Language (M. Mussorgsky)
21 The Hut on Hen's Feet (M. Mussorgsky)
22 The Great Gate of Kiev (M. Mussorgsky)

Honestly, this is the best arrangement of these 16 movements (Mussorgsky) I have heard. While staying true to the original sense of the pieces, the Quartet brings fresh colors and lyricism. Their sense of tempo is always spot on, and their refined musicianship leave you eagerly awaiting the next measure.  Kirk Albrecht, Minor 7th

"...musically absorbing and technically ingenious (Mussorgsky). The other transcriptions are superb. The three movements from Albeniz's 'Iberia' are richly detailed and fantastically played. The Piazzolla tangos are riveting. The sound is first rate, with an effective spatial distribution of the four guitars."  Rings, American Record Guide

"With this recording, the Minneapolis Guitar Quartet has cemented its stature as one of the guitar world's foremost ensembles."  James Reid, Soundboard Magazine

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