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Sku.: GSP1025CD
Classical Cool

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1 Freelin' (A. York)
2 Missing Her (F. Hand)
3 They Can't Take That Away From Me (G. & I. Gershwin)
4 My Funny Valentine (Rogers & Hart)
5 All The Things You Are (J. Kern)
6 Brookland Boogie (B. Head)
7 Jazz Etude No. 3 (A. Dunne)
8 Jazz Etude No. 6 (A. Dunne)
9 Jazz Etude No. 8 (A. Dunne)
10 Jazz Etude No. 5 (A. Dunne)
11 Blues for J.D. (A. York)
12 Book of The Unknown Standards - Monk-a-ning (D. Bogdanovic)
13 Book of The Unknown Standards - Esmeralda's Waltz (D. Bogdanovic)
14 Book of The Unknown Standards - Of Odds and Ends (D. Bogdanovic)
15 Book of The Unknown Standards - Twelve-note samba (D. Bogdanovic)
16 Book of The Unknown Standards - Steps to Hell and Back (D. Bogdanovic)
17 Jack-Leg (J. Harmon)
18 Lento from Jazz Sonata (D. Bogdanovic)

"You do not have to be in the jazz fraternity to appreciate the expertise, which has gone into the making of this disc. The arrangements, the original compositions, the sound production, the packaging and the performance are all of a standard-setting level. this is top class stuff with an enjoyment factor of 100 per cent. Using the 'Desert Island Discs' ideology, if a person could have eight guitar recordings only then this should be in that list somewhere. Very highly recommended." - Steve Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine

"This is Kanengiser's third solo CD; his first explicit foray into jazz, it reconfirms that immaculate classical chops are no barrier to swing, especially when accompanied by depth of feeling and impeccable time. Kanengiser's technique, sensitivity, and dynamics are superb, and he's chosen exceptional material, most of it written by other guitarists. All told, "Classical Cool" offers that rare combination of spirited, yet soothing music: well-paced, varied, and full of artistry and warmth, it blurs the lines between classical and jazz. Highly recommended." - Judith Schlesinger, All Music Guide

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