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Sku.: GSP1018CD
Caribbean Souvenirs

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1 Afro-Cuban Lullaby (Traditional/Brouwer)
2 Danza Caracteristica (L. Brouwer)
3 3 Caribbean Souveniers - 1) Caprice, Op. 44 (L.M. Gottschalk)
4 3 Caribbean Souveniers - 2) Souvenir de La Havane, Op. 39 (L.M. Gottschalk)
5 3 Caribbean Souveniers - 3) Souvenir de Porto Rico, Op. 31 (L.M. Gottschalk)
6 Sonata No. 1) Dialogos Criollos (E. Garcia de Leon)
7 Sonata No. 1) Cancion (E. Garcia de Leon)
8 Sonata No. 1) Son (E. Garcia de Leon)
9 Preludio Cubano (M. Ponce)
10 Intermezzo (M. Ponce)
11 Tropico (M. Ponce)
12 Rumba (M. Ponce)
13 Cantos Yoruba de Cuba - 1) Asokere I (H. Angulo)
14 Cantos Yoruba de Cuba - 2) Suayo (H. Angulo)
15 Cantos Yoruba de Cuba - 3) Iya Mi Ile (H. Angulo)
16 Cantos Yoruba de Cuba - 4) Borotiti (H. Angulo)
17 Cantos Yoruba de Cuba - 5) Asokere II (H. Angulo)
18 Cantos Yoruba de Cuba - 6) Iya Mo Dupe (H. Angulo)
19 Cantos Yoruba de Cuba - 7) Yey Bi Obi Tosuo (H. Angulo)
20 Cantos Yoruba de Cuba - 8) Asokere III (H. Angulo)
21 Dos Piezas Afro-Antillanas - 1) Nana para Una Negrita (E. Cordero)
22 Dos Piezas Afro-Antillanas - 1) El Cumbancherito (E. Cordero)
23 Dance of The Hounsies (F. Casseus)

"This gem of a recording is one to treasure. It is characterized by flawless playing, musical depth and reinforces William Kanengiser not only as one of the most accomplished young American guitarists but as one of the very finest in the world." — Raul Jose, Arizona Classical Guitar Society "In Tune"

"The variety of music is wonderful... Kanengiser has been able to find threads that connect all of these various cultures." — John Clayton, St. Louis Guitar Society Newsletter

"Growth and change continue to be the keys to preseving the guitar as an instrument of unrivaled depth, passion, and emotional expresssion...This CD is a generous offering of works by modern composers inspired by the folkloric traditions of a geographic area that has long been overlooked in the world of classical guitar&Although it is titled "Echoes of the Old World", Kanengiser's collection of folk-inspired music opens up a new world of possibilities for classical guitarists." — Diane Gordon, Acoustic Guitar Magazine

"Kanengiser's performance on the entire album, including this set, is first-rate. Playing with precision and clarity, he captures the essence of each section. He has a full-bodied, muscular style that also is expressive and flexible and is perfectly suited to the exuberant ethnic dances in the set." — J. Green, The Harbinger

"Musically suave, technically brilliant&Kanengiser's brilliant second solo album travels eastward to explore the "ethnic" roots of the guitar. Great concept. Does it work? You bet! Highly recommended." — Richard Schneider, Soundboard Magazine

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