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Sku.: ALF908102DVD
Collection, 14 Pieces (Henry) [Book & CD with Tab]

Considered the father of modern classical guitar, Francisco TArrega revolutionized guitar technique and composed a wealth of music that will be a cornerstone of classical guitar repertoire for centuries to come. This unique book/CD pack features 14 of his most outstanding pieces in standard notation and tab, edited and performed on CD by virtuoso Paul Henry. Includes: Adelita " Capricho Arabe " Estudio Brillante " Grand Jota " LAgrima " MalagueƱa " Maria " Recuerdos de la Alhambra " Tango " and more, plus bios of Tarrega and Henry.

Adelita (Mazurka) * Ave Maria * Capricho Arabe * Estudio Brillante * Gran Jota * Gran Vals * La Alborada * Lagrima * Malaguena * Maria * Marieta * Mazurka * Pavana * Recuerdos de la Alhambra * Tango

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