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Still of The Night

GSPs re-issue of Still of the Night uncovers a jazz gem. This disc sparkles with a cool fire, showcasing jazz guitarist Bruce Formans dazzling improvisational style. Forman and trio-mates, John Clayton Jr. (bass) and Albert Tootie Heath (drums), offer-up a positively-charged mix of straight-ahead jazz standards and original compositions.

Guitar Players Jim Ferguson observes, the trio environment of Still of The Night allows Forman to demonstrate his considerable improvisational abilities. Best known for his aggressiveness, chance-taking, and technical brilliancehe has another more subtle side, featuring a refined melodic sense, faultless time, a sophisticated harmonic concept, and compositional command. Combined, these elements are a powerful forcethe stuff of which a worldclass jazz musician and one of the planets finest guitarists is made.

Bruce Formans Still of the Night was originally released on the Kamei Recordings label in 1991.

For more information about Bruce Forman, see GSP RECORDINGS & EDITIONS / GSP ARTISTS
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