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Weiss: Suites #21 & 16

Silvius Leopold Weiss, a contemporary of Bach, was the most important lutenist of the Baroque era. Over 600 works of his are known to us today. The repertoire on this CD is drawn from the London manuscripts, which were written between 1708 and 1724. An important aspect of Weiss style is the use of legato, which required a special adjustment to the fingerings and movements of the left hand. Moreover, Weiss made frequent use of the deep register, which is available on the lute. Tanenbaums recording on the guitar does full justice to this particularity and offers complete respect to this wonderful 18th-century music. Once again, the master guitarist from the USA gives proof of his impeccable technique and his ability to produce a perfect interpretation in the service of his repertoire. The result is a CD full of calm and strength, imbued with the power of a by-gone age.
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